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PLASTMAK | PVC and Aluminum Processing Machines

PLASTMAK PVC Processing Machinery, founded in 1968 by Chinese Rahmi as Anatolian Machinery, wood processing and the manufacture and sale of industrial machinery, without compromising the quality of activity continues.

Since 2003 PLASTMAK PVC (Plastic Processing) machines and spare parts manufacturing sector, with service quality – trust – companies working within the framework of respect and love continues to grow.

Production in 2007 under the umbrella brand and `PLASTMAK MACHINE weighs up overseas by exporting, pvc and aluminum processing machines Can Give through the efforts of our valued customers the most affordable price serving QUALITY.

PLASTMAK MACHINE, 3000 m2 closed area, two mechanical engineers, an electrical engineer and an experienced staff of 40 people, has become a shining star in the industry. Our company is the most significant investment in research and development sector, the service area of ​​the highest quality service to our esteemed customers by providing the fastest and is worthy of your trust.

“The most important resource is human” sheds light on the importance of understanding and information sharing and training company, with employees within the boundaries of respect and affection by offering a peaceful and comfortable work environment, product and service quality has a maximum.

Seamlessly work with high-quality product, right price, friendly, fast service you are looking for the right criteria address the PLASTMAK PVC MACHINERY.

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